Haiyya Allal Falah charitable trust works for all irrespective of their religion, caste, race, gender, Creed, or anything. We are committed to the ideals of equality. Every year a number of people lose their lives due to frequent communal riots, acts of terrorism, and other man-made as well as natural disasters. In effect many innocent children become parentless. Their upbringing and educating these orphans on Islamic lines is a challenge for religion. The "HAIYA ALLAL FALAH CHARITABLE TRUST" was established by some Social thinker Muslims to deal with this phenomenon. AI-Hamdulillah is the trust that has succeeded in building a distinct identity. It has also gained trust as well as the co-operation of the society in a very short period of time.

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India could not free itself of the curse of communalism even more than fifty-year after independence.

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Our Aim

Our Aim .

Are we capable?

The Haiyah allal FalahCharitable Trust board consist of three voluntary trustees who are responsible for its operation. They are professionally qualified graduates in Islamic Shariah, Doctor, Media person. In addition, they all have first knowledge of the needs and means of delivering services to children.

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We aim to deliver long term welfare improvement projects that look after children right through to adulthood. Orphans are amongst the most vulnerable in society. They are vulnerable in the sense that the father (and in some cases the mother also) have passed away or left them. They are often left in the care of relatives who do not have the ability to support them and often consequently receive no education and are driven into work at a very early child age missing out on a real childhood and education. This obviously affects them for the rest of their lives and they are not able to develop into valuable members of society.

The Haiyah allal FalahCharitable Trust has reacted to this problem and for the last three years has developed a very successful orphan support scheme which is now helping hundreds of needy children. Your contributions allow us to provide these children with necessary skills to become valued member of society.

Future Programmes

Future Programmes .

Necessities and needs:

The Haiyah allal FalahCharitable Trust urgently needs your co-operation for the following projects:

  • To accommodate two hundred more orphans for lodging boarding and education.
  • To rehabilitate 5 hundred widows.
  • To provide medical aid and care to 500 patients per year.
  • To provide artificial limbs to 50 handicapped distitute per year.
  • To give scholarship 300 poor intelligent students yearly.
  • To open 10 craft centers to facilitate 500 poor orphan girls.
  • To arrange a school bus for local orphans not ready to stay in orphans.
  • One new building to house and educate 200 Orphans.
  • A ten bed Hospital.
  • One workshop for technical training.
  • 1000 tailoring machines for widows and other poor women.
  • Artificial limbs for handicapped.
  • One mosque for 250 people.
  • Expansion of Quran learning and Memorizing Centre.
  • Natural Disaster and Calamities Emergency Response Centre.
Our Current Schemes

Our Current Schemes .

  • Orphans, Widow Welfare Programme
  • Scholarship Scheme Natural
  • Disaster Emergency Relief Programme
  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Madarsa Mareful Quran, Chuliya Goun, Distt. Annav (U.P.)
  • Madarsa Abubaqar Sidque, Aram Park Loni Distt. Gaziaabad (U.P)
  • Hifz-O-Tajweed Classes & Quran Learning Centre.
  • Orphanages for Widows (To be started soon)

Governing Body:


Mr. Najmul Arfeen

Vice Chairman

Dr. Israr Ahmed


Mrs. Huma Muzaffer

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To aNeedless to say, the task in hand is enormous and it needs to be completed if we wish to see smile on the faces of these ORPHANS and destitute children like we smile as we like to see on the lips of our own children. Local Muslims are generous even in this pitiable situation where a sizeable number of them are living below the poverty line. To put it in nutshell, local peoples’ generous contributions are but like drops in the ocean-considering the task that The HAIYA ALLAL FALAH CHARITABLE TRUST has taken upon itself.

We rely on Allah for he taught us that service to mankind is the best service. We also take this opportunity to solicit contributions from Muslims, Philanthropists and CONCERNED citizens in whatever way it could prove helpful in carrying out the tasks at hand.

“Service to Humanity is Service to Allah” (Al-Hadith) and this is a message we must not forget if we wish a progress.



The Haiyah allal FalahCharitable Trust attempts and to try place orphans with relatives wherever possible and appropriate. However in most cases this does not suite and hence it becomes essential that alternative accommodation shall be available otherwise these children being forced to live on the street. Hence we have and ongoing programme to build orphanages.

Building orphanage is act of Sadaqah Jariyah (ongoing charity) as can be seen in the following statement of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu’alayhi wasallam).

“When a human being dies the reward of his actions ceases axcept for three:
  • Sadaqah Jariyah (ongoing charity that continues to benefit the Ummah).
  • Knowledge that benefits others, and
  • Pious offspring who makes du’a for him.” (Sahih Muslim)
Teacher Sponsorship

Teacher Sponsorship .

Staffing is an essential ingredient of a complete education system. The Haiyah allal Falah Charitable Trust invest in the quality of teaching staff as this directly influences the quality of care we provide to these children. We are blessed that many of the brothers running our projects are graduates from prominent universities. However again we believe in combining Islamic and modern education. We ensure that our dull time staff have knowledge of modern teaching techniques and theories.

We very carefully choose teachers to work on our projects. We look for academic ability, interpersonal skills very importantly for a desire to support and care for the children they are study. Prowiding teachers is an important investment in the development for our future generation.

About us

Haiyya Allal Falah charitable trust works for all irrespective of their religion,caste, race, gender,Creed or anything . We are committed to the ideals of equality.

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